Back to School

Holy smokes! Did summer fly by or what? And I do not even have human children. I would put Tater's temper tantrums up against any 2 year old though. I digress.

When it comes to going back to school, this can be a relieving but also stressful time for parents. They are relieved by the fact they get to return to their normal routine food wise, but stressed by what they should really be feeding their child. More parents are straying away from school lunches and packing for their child instead; I LOVE it! Schools are slowly offering more healthy choices, but is your child making them while there? There is no better form of control of your child's diet than packing their lunch and snacks. Below are some healthy brands swaps I recommend follow by healthy lunch/snack ideas.

Healthy swaps

  • Horizon cheese > Kraft

  • Simple Mills crackers > Ritz

  • Siete Chips > Doritos

  • Dave's Killer bread > Sara Lee

  • 100% fruit leathers > Welch's fruit snacks

  • Ace protein bars > Cliff or Kind bars

  • Purely Elizabeth granola > sugary cereal

  • Kite Hill "Go Gurts" yogurt > Yoplait

  • Applegate deli meat > Oscar Meyer

  • Flat-Out wraps > Mission tortillas

  • Stur drops in water bottle > fruit juice pouch

  • Orchard Valley Omega 3 trail mix > Planters trail mix

  • Homemade peanut butter energy bites > cookies

  • Primal Kitchen ranch > Hidden Valley

  • Chosen One Avocado mayo > Kraft

Healthy Lunch/snack ideas

  1. Hardboiled eggs, peanut butter, celery and apple

  2. Deli meat, cheese stick, grapes and carrots

  3. Shredded chicken, hummus, veggies, rice cake or Simple Mills crackers

  • Roll-ups: Wrap 1-2 slices of cheese in 1 slice of deli meat each. Serve with fruit and yogurt

  • Ranch wrap: 1 flat-out wrap, protein of choice, veggies, Primal Kitchen ranch with healthy side

  • Cheeseburger bowls: potatoes or rice, 93-95% ground beef, cheese, pickles, mustard, lettuce tomato

  • Breakfast for lunch: 1 slice Dave's Killer, peanut butter, eggs and cheese stick

  • Healthified Nachos: 10 Siete Chips, ground meat, cheese, salsa, guacamole or avocado

  • Paleo Chicken Strips

Parents, the health of your child truly starts with you. I say this a lot, but will continue to do so until a greater impact is made! There are so many benefits of feeding your child a healthy diet; better brain function, more focus in school, blood sugar control (aka less sugar highs), healthy body composition and growth patterns. Not to mention, a style of eating that they will take with them for a lifetime and pass on to the the generation. I know some of the recommendations above may include extra effort beyond filling their lunch account with money, but trust me, it will save you many extra steps for their health in the future!

Nutrition Yoda mic drop.

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