Phew! It's Jourdan Approved

Let's be honest. As much as we wish we could have a delicious 5 star meal with the perfect carb, protein and fat portions, it just ain't happen'! There are the nights that call for the drive-thru and the lunch dates to catch up with friends. It is part of life! While we can take our tupperware prepped meals 90% of the time and say #noexcuses, sorry but...#life. Not to mention, you SHOULD go out and enjoy a lunch date or dinner made by someone else. So let's take a look at some Jourdan approved options out to eat.

**Side note: I do work with people all over the country, so I am going to try and hit main stream places. Sorry Kansas City folks! I would be typing forever if I hit all our good places.

  • Chic-fil-A: 8 piece grilled nugget with side superfood salad

  • Chili's: Guiltless Grill menu Sirloin with Avocado or Mango Chile Chicken or Grilled Chicken Salad

  • Applebee's: Cedar Salmon with Maple Mustard glaze and side veggies or 6-8 oz sirloin with side veggies

  • Panera: Large Strawberry Poppyseed salad with full chicken and dressing on the side

  • Chipotle (this one gets fancy): Ask for rice on side in the same container they put guac in (that is a TRUE rice serving based on their nutrition info listed). Choose protein (chicken or steak), veggies, salsa, either LIGHT cheese or ask for guac on the side. Use 1/2 guac container (there is a lot of guac in there guys!)

  • Subway: Grilled chicken salad, veggies, dressing on the side and either avocado or LIGHT cheese. 2 bags of side apples

  • Jimmy John's: Ask for any sandwich as Unwich. For healthier version, swap mayo for avocado spread

  • Mexican: If they have street tacos, get 2-3 of those and ask for single tortilla wrapped instead of double. Side of fajita veggies. Can also do fajitas with no rice or beans. Plenty of calories made up in oils, sauces and toppings, trust me. Plus, I know you are going to have some chips and salsa.

  • Breakfast: Keep it simple. 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon and cup of fruit or egg white omelette with side of fruit.

  • First Watch: Healthy Turkey omelette with side of fruit

  • Taco Bell: 3 Fresco chicken tacos or chicken/steak power bowl

  • Starbucks: Chicken and Quinoa protein bowl or Spinach and feta breakfast wrap or 2 egg white bites with fruit

  • Sushi: Stick with a fresh fish roll, not tempura. Get 1-2 rolls (depending on size), sauces always on side with side cucumber salad or veggies salad offered.

  • Olive Garden: Anything off Taste of Mediterranean Dinner menu

  • Sonic: Keep driving...

Now, don't let this blog be an easy way out to stop putting the effort in the kitchen yourself. While these are healthier choices on occasion, it is never the same as preparing yourself and making conscious choices in your own home. I mean since we are being honest here, I once (or many times) participated in a "Who can eat the most breadsticks contest" at Olive Garden...

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