Raising a child in a healthy way just got easier! 

Best part: They are going to be doing it themselves! (with a little help from you Mom & Dad of course)


Summit Nutrition brings you the FIRST child nutrition education program-Summit Strong Kids. Summit Strong Kids is 7 lessons tailored to help your child learn the basics of healthy eating.


This workbook coincides with 7 video lessons on the Summit Nutrition Youtube channel Link. In this, you will find guides and worksheets to keep the child engaged both physically and mentally. 


Lessons include:

1. Healthy carbs

2. Healthy proteins

3. Healthy fats

4. Sugar

5. Importance of Breakfast

6. After school snacks

7. Becoming a master chef


Check out our cool kids cooking apron we have as well to get the full effect. This is a lesson that will last a lifetime for you and your child.


**One workbook can be copied for multiple children**


Suggested ages: 4-11


Summit Strong Kids Workbook