Per Pancake

114 Calories

15g Carbs

3g Fat

5g Protein

7g Sugar

1 carb serving



Serves: 4

1/2 cup Kodiak cake pancake mix

1/4 cup egg whites 

1 TBS butter

4 slices pineapple rings

1 tsp vanilla extract


Desired pancake toppings


  • Begin by making your pancake mix. If you are using Kodiak cakes regular pancake mix like me, you will mix with 1/4 cup egg whites, 3 TBS water and 1 tsp vanilla. 

    • If not using this mix, follow regular prep instructions on box.

    • You can make as much pancake batter as you want. I will give serving size "per pineapple"

  • Begin by putting 1 tsp of butter on skillet. Allow to melt and then put pineapple on skillet to begin caramelizing. 

  • Sprinkle first side of pineapple with cinnamon. When one side is beginning to brown, flip over to brown the other side and top with cinnamon again.

  • As the pineapple is finishing up, pour 1/4 cup pancake batter over and around pineapple so it is completely covered.

  • Allow pancake to fully cook per usual and then flip to finish other side. 

  • Top with desire tasty toppings and enjoy!

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