(1.5 Cups)

381 Calories

33g Carbs

12g Fat

37g Protein

2g  Sugar

1.5 protein, 1.5 carb & 1 fat serving


Serves 7

1.5 boxes Banza Penne

1.5 lbs chicken breast, diced

1 tsp basil

4 TBS nutritional yeast

1 1/3 cup full fat coconut milk

1/2 cup tomato sauce

1 TBS butter or ghee

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tsp minced garlic

4 cups steamed broccoli


  • Prepare a pot of boiling water for noodles to cook.

  • While water is preparing for boil, diced chicken, season with salt, pepper and basil and cook until done. Drain and set aside. 

  • In a blend or food processor, make sauce with all remaining ingredient except broccoli.

  • Blend until a creamy, pinkish sauce is formed. Set aside until noodles are done.

  • Once noodles are done, drain and in a large mixing bowl, mix well with broccoli and chicken.

  • Finally, add all sauce and mix one more time.

  • If you'd like, you can bake this at 350 until top layer of noodles get crispy. The real Italians do so :)

  • Bon Appetít!